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Wedding Wish Makers

A new non-profit organisation launched June 2020

Our mission is to organize and fund weddings for people who are terminally ill or have life shortening illnesses.

This service is currently available for anyone living or, wishing to get married in the West of  Scotland.

There are many people living with terminal or life shortening illnesses who dream of marrying their

partner, due to financial, health and the emotional stress that comes with such serious illnesses, it can make it difficult for the couple to even consider the thought of planning a wedding.

This is the very reason Wedding Wish Makers was created

With the help of our volunteers and our very generous wedding industry suppliers, we are able to grant wedding wishes for our couples

How You Can Help

Donate a Dress

Do you have your wedding dress stored away and don't know what to do with it.

Why not donate it to such a worthy caus e

Wish Granter

A Wish Granter is a wedding industry supplier who very generously donates their products and services for our couples special day



You can help fund our couples weddings by making a donation.

There is no minimum you can donate and every penny really does help.

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